Marketing and Selling

Recall that your goal here is to drive traffic to your site or conversion page. So, while YouTube can help you reach that large audience, you’re going to need video content to post that does two things: engages your audience and leaves them wanting more. While a teaser video is ideal, our "preview" function accomplishes a similar result.

In today's internet age being able to market your product is more important than ever. You can't just put up an online store front and hope traffic moseys by, window shopping. Instead you need to promote your product, yell about it from the top of Facebook mountain, share free trials, and promote to your email list.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a simple way to enhance how your web pages look. CSS can control the fonts, text, colors, backgrounds, margins, and layout of your page. It's easy to take a our classic template and build a website. But these templates can be very plain, your website will look like every other classic site on Intelivideo. By utilizing CSS you can modify pre-built templates so that they have your brand and style. Thus you'll have a customized website without a lot of effort!