Client Samples

Christmas for a Dollar Trailer - Teasers are a great way to give potential customers a taste of what your video has in store!

Chris is a 2x X-games gold medalist, with a massive online following. He came to us with the idea of creating an extreme online sports channel. He is giving his fans an all access pass to his winter wonderland high in the Rocky Mountains; from working on snowmobiles in the garage to GoPro madness in the backcountry. Thanks to our social tools and tracking Chris has been able to view stats on his video that went viral with 100K views! Check out his page at or watch free webisodes below!

What more can we say? Our team is humbled by Sandra's kind words and we're happy to have her onboard! We're committed to working just as hard to help you make your product a reality.

Austin McBeth, a multisport standout from Iowa State University came to us with the vision of creating an online basketball portal that covered the 5 major functional areas in basketball 1) Ball Handling 2) Passing 3) Finishing 4) Shooting 5) Special Moves. With his input we created an all access site that allows people to filter and search through categories to find drills by specialty, coach, or difficulty.

The Visually Stunning & Easy-To-Follow Minimalist Running DVD That Will Help You Run Lighter, Faster, and Easier than Ever Before! Learn the secrets to great running form for roads and trails, winter and summer, tools for improving strength and flexibility, plus choosing minimalist footwear. Some of the most important things you’ll learn: 1. How and where to land for minimum impact 2. Which shoes can actually help your feet 3. How to get strong, balanced and avoid injuries

Filmed on Maui, it's 76 min. & 17 chapters of visually stunning footage & inspiring music by Barefoot Truth, Zachary Bergen and two-time Grammy Award winning Robert Mirabal aka Johnny Whitehorse and bonus material!