About Us

Listen to Audio files streamed online, or download them to your device and listen anywhere (with or without Internet) with our library of free apps for all of the major platforms.

Our Classic Theme is the easiest to get started, upload your videos, set your own prices, and start selling. Upload your own logo, product descriptions, a number of preset presentation styles to help you get started in no time.

Intelivideo is an app-based digital content delivery platform (DCDP) that enables forward-thinking companies and content owners to grow revenues by offering customers secure instant access to thousands of titles and channels, from any device

Find out how easy it is to upload your videos, set your own prices, and start selling.

Deliver Documents of any kind - from coaching materials like plays and drills, to workout calendars, or sheets of music, and workbooks. Our documents are downloaded via your browser and are downloaded in a printer friendly format.

Offer complete or partial access to a video collection for annual or monthly installments. Subscriptions work great when you have a large amount of content that potential customers would want to explore, and come back to time and time again. That could be anything from a workout program, to How To videos, to Family Friendly movies. Benefits of this template include search functionality and category filtering.

Our catalog theme is great for clients who have more than 20 videos. In other words, if you need categories and sub-categories any number of levels deep, this theme is perfect for your business. Your customers can search for content too.

Video distribution is quickly moving away from DVD format to the pure digital format. With the rapid consumer adoption of YouTube and Video On-Demand services, video and film content producers need a mobile and internet-device distribution capability. We all know that DVDs are going away. Everyone is watching movies on their iPads, iPhones, tablets, and laptops now. You’ve probably noticed children watching movies at restaurants on iPhones and iPads. InteliVideo’s platform helps those companies with libraries of DVDs move into the world of streaming and downloadable video by enabling them to sell videos and deliver them for any device.


Have questions about the platform or selling your videos on demand? Learn more about VOD, and explore how easy the Intelivideo platform is to create a branded page, and start delivering content!